Pryogika Smart Card Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (PSCT) offers ultimate software solutions based on Smart Card and RFID technologies for Healthcare, Insurance, Transportation, Tourism, Public/Mass Transit, Enterprise, e-Governance, Retail, Education, etc.

Smart Card Software Solutions:
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Smart Card is a plastic card about the size of a credit card, with an embedded microchip that can be loaded with data and used for various applications such as Healthcare, Insurance, Transportation, Transit payment system ,Parking, e-Purse, Event ticketing, Retail, Enterprise, Banking and e-Governance. Smart card is secure, small and fit everybody pockets. Smart card eliminates paperwork and errors. When combined with biometrics, smart cards can provide two or three factor authentication

Smart cards can be used as Credit card, Travel card, Passport, Ration card, Voter ID card, Loyalty card, Access Control card, Identity card, and Public phone payment cards. Smart cards can also be used as electronic wallets, electronic tickets. Multiple applications can be installed in single smart card.

Smart card as health card, improves the security and privacy of patient information, provide the secure carrier for portable medical records, reduce health care fraud, support new processes for portable medical records, provide secure access to emergency medical information and provide the platform to implement other applications as needed by the health care organization.


15th Sept. 2011,
RFID card support included in e-Wallet 2011.

1st Sept. 2011,
Pinnacle Health - Easy Street Game out...

1st Aug. 2011,
Released Health Insurance smart card solution for Bio-Med (African Royal House) Health Insurance company.

16th July 2011,
Released customized bus ticketing demo software for our prestigious client. The software is based on ISO 7816 smart card, Mifare Plus, Desfire EV1 cards and ACR880.

17th Mar. 2011,
Successfully implemented Premium Content Portal. A secure, cloud-based means of sharing documents...

11th Jan. 2011,
Pinnacle Health - Spin To Game out...

1st Oct. 2010,
Health Insurance Smart Card Manager released. It is perfect solution for national health insurance schemes and services. A complete software to manage full life cycle of health smart cards...

23rd Dec. 2009,
Succesfully completed Health Smart Card System for Pinnacle Health. It manages full life cycle of health smart cards and promote reward point schemes.

19th Feb. 2009,
Pryogika Smart Card Technologies (PSCT) completed "Mifare card Reading and Writing" project successfully. This application supports Mifare S50 and Desfire cards.

We utilized Pryogika Smart Card Technologies (PSCT) in three separate projects, and they produced quality work each time. This even included two projects that were highly specialized in nature (dealing with low-level aspects of smartcard and web security). We found PSCT team easy to work with, prompt in responses, and able to produce above our expectations. We hope to utilize PSCT services again on future projects.