e-Wallet 2010

PSCT e-Wallet 2010 is smart card based electronic purse/wallet software solution. e-Wallet card is a special smart card with preloaded monetary value and printed with your commercial advertise. It helps to boost sale and customer experience.

e-Wallet system is secure, efficient, and cashless payment system. It reduces transaction time, logs every transaction, and makes whole process more convenient. e-Wallet can be easily customized to support your business model.

e-Wallet smart cards may be distributed to general stores, malls, hotels, retail outlets so people can have them before the shopping. e-Wallet smart card can be used to pay for coffee, phone, meal, toll and other shoppings. e-Wallet cards are easily re-chargeable with more monetary values. e-Wallet cards can be TOPUP at vending machines, authorised vendors.

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e-Wallet 2010 Hardware and Software requirement:

  • Server: Windows Server with ASP.NET, .NET Framework 2.0, MySQL or MS SQL Server and SSL support (Optional).

  • Card Issuer/Administrator office: Windows XP/Windows 7 PC with .NET Framework 2.0, Two readers. And Internet connection.

  • POS: A PC with two readers or POS terminal or Handheld terminal to charge/topup user cards. A Vending machine also can be used to topup user cards. Internet connection (Optional).

  • User Smart Cards: ISO 7816 smart card or RFID (Mifare cards)
RFID Finger Print Reader
RFID and Finger Print Reader
POS Terminal
POS Terminal
e-Wallet 2010 Hardware
e-Wallet/e-Purse Smart Card
e-Wallet Smart Card
Handheld Terminal
Handheld Terminal
PIN PAD Reader
PIN PAD Smart Card Reader
Topup Vending Machine
Topup Vending Machine