e-Ticket 2010
Go Green with e-Ticket 2010

PSCT e-Ticket 2010 is ultimate RFID and ISO7816 smart card based ticketing software solution. You can use this ticketing system for Concerts, Cinema, Toll Collection, Parking, Clubs, Sports, GYM, Dinner Parties, Trade Fares, Exhibition, etc. This electronic smart card solution is replacing traditional paper and magnetic tickets with smart cards.

e-Ticket 2010 system is secure and efficient solution. Smart card tickets are offered with preloaded values. Smart card tickets are printed with your advertising message on both sides.

e-Ticket Solution is environment friendly and saves trees and paper since it is completely oriented to electronic data processing.

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ISO 7816 Smart Card Reader
ISO 7816 Reader
e-Ticket RFID Wristbands
e-Ticket RFID Wristbands
POS Terminal
POS Terminal

e-Ticket 2010 Hardware and Software requirement:

  • Server: Windows Server with ASP.NET, .NET Framework 2.0, MySQL or MS SQL Server and SSL support(Optional).

  • Ticket Issuer/Administrator office: Windows XP/Windows 7 PC with .NET Framework 2.0, one contactless smart card reader, one ISO7816 smart card reader, and Internet connection.

  • Event Venue: A PC with two readers or Handheld terminal to verify tickets. Internet connection (Optional).

  • e-Ticket Smart Cards: ISO 7816 smart card or RFID (Mifare cards)

  • Topup e-Ticket: HandHeld terminal or Vending machine to issue/topup e-Ticket cards.
e-Ticket 2010 Hardware
e-Ticket Key Fobs
e-Ticket Key Fobs
Handheld Rugged Terminal
Handheld Rugged Terminal
RFID Reader
Contactless Reader
Topup Vending Machine
e-Ticket Vending Machine