PSCT Password Keeper

You are using many software, web application, social network, email, FTP, online banking websites, etc. A different password/PIN must be used for each account and you need to remember all the user names and passwords/PINs and it is very difficult to keep all of them in mind. There may be serious problem, if you keep your passwords/PINs insecurely.

Pryogika Smart Card Technologies (PSCT) Password Keeper - is secure, and safe password keeper. User account details and passwords/PINs are saved into smart card and encrypted using 3DES/AES algorithm. You need to remember only card PIN.

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Password Keeper Hardware and Software requirement:

  • PC and Software: Windows XP/Windows 7 PC with .NET Framework 2.0, PIN PAD or Finger print reader.

  • Smart Cards: ISO 7816 smart card or RFID (Mifare cards)

Smart Card Advantages

Smart card can be loaded with data and used for various applications such as Healthcare, Insurance, Transportation, Transit payment system, Parking, e-Purse, Event ticketing, Retail, Enterprise, Banking and e-Governance. Smart card is secure, small and fit everybody pockets. Smart card eliminates paperwork and errors. When combined with biometrics, smart cards can provide two or three factor authentication

Smart cards can be used as Credit card, Travel card, Passport, Ration card, Voter ID card, Loyalty card, Access Control card, Identity card, and Public phone payment cards. Smart cards can also be used as electronic wallets, electronic tickets. Multiple applications can be installed in single smart card. Click here to know more about the smart card.

Password Keeper Hardware

Password Keeper Smart Card
Finger Print Reader
Finger Print Reader
PIN PAD Reader
PIN PAD Reader