Service Overview:

Pryogika Smart Card Technologies specializes in Smart Card, Java Card, ZeitControl’s BasicCard program, Java Card applet, RFID, and handheld terminals. We can assist you with the development of smart card software running either on a host computer or Smart card.

Pryogika Smart Card Technologies is providing consulting and expert services to make your smart card and RFID application a success. We are providing following expertise services:

  • System Requirements Analysis.
  • Smart Card integration.
  • Smart Card Custom Programming.
  • Java Card Applet Development and Loading.
  • ZeitControl’s BasicCard Program Development and Loading.
  • Smart Card Handheld Terminal Programming.
  • Custom Application Development for MIFARE and DESFIRE.
  • Custom NFC Programming.
  • Custom RFID Programming
  • Cryptography, Hashing, and Signing.
  • Custom Biometric Programming.
  • Smart Card Art Work.
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Solutions.
  • Custom Database Design.
  • Custom API, DLL, and ActiveX.
  • Migration of VB to VB.NET or C#, J2EE to .NET Framework, C/C++ to .NET, and Vice-Versa.
  • Web Authentication.
  • Web Design and Development

Customization Service:

Pryogika Smart Card Technologies customize and personalize our software to meet the requirements of your Business. We also provide customized API so you can use them in your software.

Please let us know what you are looking for in a smart card system and we will build it to meet your requirements. Please contact us for any kind of assistance.

Professionals Service:

We will help you how smart card can benefit your application. Pryogika Smart Card Technologies help our customers to understand the functionality, installation, and troubleshooting of our products. Combining the in-depth knowledge of various smart card specifications and other technologies to deliver ideal smart card solutions.

Our skilled professionals apply their expertise in requirement analysis, database design, development, integration, and deployment for diverse hardware and software platforms to meet customer requirements.

Maintenance and Support:

Pryogika Smart Card Technologies Customer Service offers highest level of technical support for integration, deployment, new hardware, and troubleshooting. contact us for technical support.

Web Development:

Web site development means good design, development and impressive content. This process includes a series of services including understanding goals, conceptualizing the ideal solution, executing plans, and testing the final outcome. Website creates a positive web presence and enables faster Business process. Click here to know more about our website design and development services.

For a demo of our software, Please contact us. We will send you sample cards, smart card reader, and demo software.
Technical Expertise
  • Java Card.
  • ZeitControl’s Basic Card.
  • Contactless Smart Card.
  • RFID.
  • Handheld Terminals.
  • Biometric.
  • MiFare and DESFIRE Cards.
  • .Net Card.
  • ACOS Card.
  • JCOP Card and SDK.
  • Cryptography, Hashing, and Signing.
Domain Expertise
  • Healthcare.
  • Insurance.
  • Transportaion and Tourism.
  • Banking and Finance.
  • Enterprise.
  • e-Governance.
  • Retail.
  • Education.
  • Security and Access Control.
Smart Card Standards
  • ISO 14443 A/B.
  • ISO 7816.
  • Java Card Specification V2.2.
  • GlobalPlatform V2.2.
  • PC/SC Specification V2.01.5.
  • EMV 2000.
  • EC No. 1360/2002.
  • ZeitControl's Basic language.
  • RSA, AES, ECC Algorithms.
  • DES, and Triple DES Algorithms.