Transportation and Tourism

Using Contactless technology, Automatic Fare Collection deliver convenient, easy and efficient option for public transport operators and the passengers.

Contactless smart card technology is also beneficial for the tourist agencies and visitors. No one likes to be lineup at the cashier's desk to purchase the tickets. Visitors want convenient, easy and efficient options while visiting the historical places, parks, museums, aquariums, zoo, and other attractions. We have ideal contactless smart card based e-ticketing solution for Tourist Bureau, Visitor service providers, and Visitors...

Automatic Fare Collection Solution:
  • e-Fare 2010 - is Automatic Fare Collection system based on contactless smart card technology for small to large public transport and mass transit operators. Either you are operating 2-3 Buses or 1000+ Buses, e-Fare 2010 is perfect solution for you. e-Fare is secure, efficient and cashless payment system. It reduces transaction time, cut fraud, increase safety and security and makes whole process more convenient for the passengers and operators...

Tourism Solution:
  • e-Visitor 2010 - is ideal contactless smart card based ticketing solution for Tourism agenceis and tourist. It saves money and time. e-Visitor is secure and efficient and cashless payment system. It reduces transaction time, reducing theft risk, logging every visit and transaction, eliminating papers, and makes whole process more convenient for the tourist and operators...
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Smart Card Advantages

Smart card can be loaded with data and used for various applications such as Healthcare, Insurance, Transportation, Transit payment system, Parking, e-Purse, Event ticketing, Retail, Enterprise, Banking and e-Governance. Smart card is secure, small and fit everybody pockets. Smart card eliminates paperwork and errors. When combined with biometrics, smart cards can provide two or three factor authentication. Click here to know more about the smart card.